Funding for Federation University Badminton Club at Mt. Helen campus

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Federation Badminton Club (FBC) had initially been running with coaches since 2016. It had attracted both students and staff. FBC is one of the most popular and successful clubs throughout the whole University. This club had given students, staff, and their family the opportunities to play a sport, refresh, socialise, and connect with one another after work and study.

Even though having only four available courts (maximum amount of players at once is 16), the badminton club saw the participation of around 40 during the semester, and more than 25 during the breaks every day; about 80% of the participants were students and staff. Of note is that this large number of participants required both on court organising and support from FedUni. The successfulness of this club had not only brought the benefits to participants themselves but also gained reputation for University, especially in student engagement and supports.

Back in 2016, the Federation Badminton Club was originally set up with coaches who were responsible for running the days (include setting up, packing down of equipment, and coaching new players as well as existing players). After one semester running Fridays only, Tuesdays were also allocated for Badminton as the growth of interests in the club was enormous. Unfortunately, in the second semester of 2017, FedUni cut the club funding, therefore no more Tuesdays, no more coaching. However, it does not stop the club from growing. Every semester, the club welcomed more new members, the number of participants was constantly increase even though no advertisement was involved.

The most unwanted day came, in late June 2018, the club ran out of shuttles due to no more funding was available for social sports which include badminton. Discussions after discussions resulted in the closure of the club. As mentioned above, the club has supported students and staff achieving work-life-balance. It is aligning with the Uni policy on improving students and staff wellbeing. As I may know in one of the talks, Prof Helen Bartlett mentioned that Fed Uni is promoting Sports. Cutting funding for social sports, which is the main reason for their closures, is demoting these activities.

We are putting together this petition to request that not only badminton club but also other social clubs should receive a reasonable amount of care from Uni. Having these clubs active would help to better attract, motivate, and retain students and staff.

As for the Federation Badminton Club, we would like to request a fund to supply the club with 1.5 to 2 tubes of shuttles per week for an approximate of 46 weeks. Given the cost of each tube is about A$27 (12 shuttles), it would cost around A$1,800 to A$2,500 per year.

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Federation University Badminton Club