Let Physicians Work, Remove MCCQEII Obstacle

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Today, the Medical Council of Canada released a momentous update: The MCC ceases delivery of the MCCQE Part IIhttps://mcc.ca/news/mcc-ceases-delivery-of-the-mccqe-part-ii This means physicians no longer need to surmount the obstacle of the MCCQEII in order to work in Canada. Sincere gratitude to everyone who advocated for this change, including the Resident Doctors of Canada, forward-thinking Postgraduate Deans and Residency Program Directors, the exam candidates and standardized patient actors who spoke up about the injustices they experienced, and everyone who signed this petition. Of critical importance, the MCC's update also says, "Criteria for the award of the LMCC may be reviewed at a future date as standardised assessment requirements for physicians evolve." While the MCCQEII has been abolished, we stand behind these assertions:1. The LMCC, created in the early 1900s, is an outdated and out-of-touch relic of history.2. In the 21st century, medical trainees are thoroughly, adequately trained. It is insulting to medical education to suggest that 1-2 exams from the MCC provide more rigorous assessment than the ongoing evaluations and exams of 3-4 years of medical school, 2-5 years of postgraduate training, and the CFPC/RCPSC licensing exams that test relevant knowledge and skills at the end of postgraduate training.3. The LMCC exams are redundant for family medicine trainees and irrelevant for specialist trainees. Specialists need to focus their efforts on honing their skills in their own specialty, not proving generalist knowledge that they will never use.4. The MCC claims to be assessing professionalism and competence in physicians, while demonstrating a serious lack of professionalism and competence throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This "registered charity", the highly profitable Medical Council of Canada, does not deserve to be trusted and funded to assess physicians.5. There is no need for an LMCC designation in addition to the MD and CCFP/FCFP/FRCPC/FRCSC designations. The Medical Council of Canada clearly continues to dismiss the many checkpoints for medical trainees, including the rigorous evaluations and exams throughout medical school, postgraduate training, and the licensing exams at the completion of residency. At some point in the future, they may attempt to incorporate a re-branded additional exam into the LMCC requirements. If and when that time comes, we will fight that injustice too.

Canadian Resident Physicians
1 year ago