Track Racing One Day World Longtrack Final

Track Racing One Day World Longtrack Final

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I and many others who are passionate about European and World Track Racing believe the current “LONG TRACK” GP series (Est 1997) is detrimental to the success and survival of our great sport. 

The purpose of this petition is to raise awareness to the FIM that the current system is not showing or promoting our great sport in the best way. We the undersigned are asking for the FIM to review running a One-Day world championship final and associated qualifying competitions and scrapping the current failing GP system.

The world longtrack championships should take place on a traditional 700-1000M type circuit, not a 300M grasstrack or speedway track with only 5 riders. 

All races should have 6 riders and the event run on the 18 rider format. 
2x Semifinals and 1x Final 

We understand that this may not be financially beneficial to the FIM but nor is a defunct sport. 
We believe with a new structured system implemented with a grand one day World final, our sport will again rise in popularity given that it opens the door to attract the best current track racing riders in the world to participate. 

We’re tired of being the poor relation to speedway. It’s not the same sport and we implore you to treat it with the dignity and respect it deserves. 


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