Please remove the ban impossed on Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi, Argentine football player, has been imposed with a ban for 4 international matches, for saying something to the referee at the end of 90 minutes of the Argentina versus Chile match in the FIFA 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifiers held on 24th March , 2017.
A video was being circulated in the social media which shows Messi hurling some words at the referee. Many suggested that Messi was abusing the referee for some refereeing mistakes during the match. Well, Messi in his apology letter clearly stated that those words were never meant for the referee. This clearly makes sense, because the video also suggests that the referee was not at all agitated after hearing those words. I believe it's very hard that anybody would keep so calm after hearing those words.

Lionel Messi is a very important part of the Argentine football team, also, its very important that Argentina plays in FIFA World Cup. I am from Asia, where we remain awake the entire night to watch these matches because when they comes live its midnight in Asia. There are many Argentine fans in Asia, and needless to say its all because of Lionel Andres Messi.

My appeal to FIFA President Mr. Gianni Infantino (on behalf of millions) is to remove the ban imposed on Messi. He has already not played a match and Argentina lost terribly. If he doesn't play four matches, God forbids, but Argentina might end up not qualified to the main round of the tournament to be held next year and trust me by my words (which is on behalf of millions), FIFA World Cup RUSSIA 2018 will lose huge numbers of followers and viewers, and this will just be a bane for FIFA.

So, either remove the BAN or you might end up facing the BANE. For the sake of football, forgive Lionel Messi and allow him to play the next games of Argentina. All fans will want to watch this legendary player being allowed to play his next matches, because if there is no Argentina in World Cup, then for us FIFA World Cup RUSSIA 2018 will never exist.