Change World Cup Final 2018 time to 6pm GMT to coincide with Galway Vs Kerry game

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Due to the World Cup Final time originally being scheduled for 16:00 GMT this also clashes with the first battle of the super 8's between Galway and Kerry in Gaelic Football. We ask FIFA to change the games kick off to 18:00 to coincide with the Galway Kerry match. This also suits every country who has a chance to be in the final are within 4 hours of each other ( England, Sweden (as of 12:00 GMT 7 july), Croatia, Russia, Belgium and France) the super 8s game will be finished by no later than 5:30 and extra time will not be instated regardless of result. This will give many viewers an advantage as it will be on later in the evening meaning those who may be working will have time off to watch the Final. Plus if you change the times the minimum extra viewers frkm Ireland will be 500000 and maximum will be 5 million. So on behalf of the country of Ireland we ask for FIFA to change the world cup final time to an extra 2 hours. (P.s if done so there will still be time to watch the Sunday Game at 9.30 GMT)