Help to save Billy's memorial

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On the 19th July 2018, our beautiful boy Billy Bolton was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. This is the last place our beautiful boy was alive and a place we need to visit as part of our grieving process.His mates erected a memorial cross the day after, which the Federation Council received complaints from neighbours who are 'suffering trauma from the accident'. The council advised us despite the complaint, that we could keep the cross and memorabilia there till December, which was fine by us (we would rather it kept there forever, but December would be okay) 

Since it was made official that the cross was approved to stay, the cross was cruelly removed by someone along with Billy's clothes, photos and other memorabilia.

These items have never been returned to us save his shirt and scarf that was cruelly thrown around the town.

Now the council has advised that we are no longer allowed to place any type of memorial in that place due to the fact the surrounding neighbours have been complaining, which there is only 2 of them. 

We are after support from friends, family and locals of the area to sign this petition so we can present this to the council. The more people speak, the more of a chance we can have a memorial put back in place for our boy.

We are not after something there forever, we just want something there with approval for council for just a few months in this early stage of our grief.

Please help us find some small justice for our boy.