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Turn Off the Corey Tower (Or Put Holly Hunter Up There)

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The Corey Tower: Atlanta's 300-foot-tall racist ass white uncle that we pretend doesn't exist. It used to beat around the pro-Trump bush, but now it's a bright Red beacon in our precious island of Blue, and the brand spankin' new "Uncle Sam spearing a football with an American flag" image is a bridge, er, tower too far.

First it was the "Just Be Nice" which reeked of passive aggression at our city for being a little than enthused about Trumpito. Then there was the "Stand Up for America!" hot on the heels of proud American athletes using their proud American right to proudly kneel the fuck down during a singalong. At this point it's just the shitty note on all of our break room microwaves that somehow makes all of our commutes worse.

And honestly, much like my actual racist uncle, it's embarrassing to think that a stranger might lump me in with it, or think that it speaks for me. But unlike my uncle, I feel like this Thanksgiving we can shut the Corey Tower the fuck up.

Or, and this is just a quick alternative: let's keep the screen on and use it to blast an image of Academy Award winning actress Holly Hunter across the Atlanta skyline. Apart from a few missteps (Nine Lives, Batman v Superman Colon Dawn of Justice) she's mostly tremendous (Raising Arizona, The Piano, Home for the Holidays directed by Jodie Foster)! And she was born in Conyers, GA, which is totally a happy accident, had absolutely no idea until I sat down to write this and started googling her. I mean really, she's a fucking treasure y'all, and she's ours.

BUT LISTEN. Even if you're not into that, the main takeaway is:
1. Turn off the Corey Tower sign. 2. Overturn Citizen's United. 3. Figure out a better way to add to this city without making it reek of white centrist nonsense. 4. Holly Hunter is a wonderful actress. 5. #3 and #4 probably seem a bit contradictory, but human beings are complex and we should give each other room to be our full selves.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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