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Fine Dan Klein and Brad Campbell of Job Killing For Online Scam!

This petition had 41 supporters owned by Brad Campbell and Dan Klein, was a website that was scamming people out of thousands of dollars to join. It posted ads on facebook about this great home based business opportunity. The founders lead people to believe they could start local lead generation companies. On record the founders Dan Klein and Brad Campbell talk about digital assets, and how you can own these and rent them to licensed contractors. They don't have a web presence so you take care of it for them, and if they do not want to pay you per lead or monthly find a new one. Essentially saying that it is your business. However, this is illegal in most States. You can't advertise for something you are not licensed. Just like you can't practice real estate or law etc.It's a big No-No. Which is surprising since Dan Klein own wife is a lawyer. She should have known better. Huge liability if you are renting out website to a contractor who goes and does something to home owner, and they found the contractor through your website. that is what they were selling. Well, the reason I am starting this petition is because I got huge backlash from the private group who joined Job Killing. They all thought it was great and legal. They didn't want to face the simple fact that this entire business is illegitimate and they paid thousands of dollars to join a scam group. Some members have actually seen the light and admitted they got scammed for 5k.

The fact of the matter is Job Killing now is shut down and the homepage but not before Brad Campbell and Dan Klein called it's own students "suckas"  and now Brad Campbell is trying to steal again under If it was such a great business why shut it all down? Why Brad trying to scam new people? I feel so bad for the kids out there that spent hours and hours on and building bunk limo websites to only generate a couple calls and no money. If you guys need help with SEO and help legit business contact me or visit

Sign this petition to make the come down hard on them for the Truth in Advertising laws they broke.

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