Limit Location Tracking and Data Sharing During Coronavirus Pandemic

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It was announced today that Google/Alphabet and Apple teamed up to do contact tracing on consumers who use their phones, a combined 3 BILLION people, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They will track consumers location and user entered COVID-19 status to triangulate who may have been exposed to the virus. This level of consumer data sharing is being done WITHOUT a United States federal privacy law in place.

Google/Alphabet and Apple plan to start rolling this out via an app in mid-May. After that they will change their entire operating system to support wirelessly sharing user data between their devices.

It's IMPERATIVE that lawmakers enforce a federal privacy law that:

  • Limits how long consumer data is accessed during national states of emergency;
  • Enforces a universal data standard so that consumers have access to all their data in ONE data file;
  • Ensure that consumers can also easily access, download, and/or electronically transfer their data file to or between services of their choosing;