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Investigate EA for failing to launch SimCity

Investigate Electronic Arts for their failure to deliver a playable version of SimCity (2013), their prolonged inability to deliver necessary server space, and their unwillingness to act in good faith by refunding customers who could not play SimCity. Furthermore, I cannot believe that EA can reserve the right to get rid of the game servers (and in this case the actual game) when traffic decreases and they wish to use their servers for other projects; consumers bought this game, they did not enter in to a rental agreement, and Electronic Arts should be forced to acknowledge their responsibility to provide both stable and permanent server space for every game sold. While thousands have taken to the Internet to complain about SimCity and DRM, many games seem to be headed in the "online only" direction. Consumers need to start asserting their rights and large scale legal action is, unfortunately, a necessary step. Whether you are fed up with SimCity, EA, Origin or simply don't like the lack of consumer protections that are evidently lacking in DRM games, please sign this petition!

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