Mental Health Insurance Reform

Mental Health Insurance Reform

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Mental Health is a national problem in the United States. There is a direct correlation between untreated Mental Health Issues and Inprisonment, Suicide & Homelessness. 

We believe the healthcare system is broken.

Many Commercial Insurances and Employer Sponsored Health Plans offer packages with High Copays for Out Patient Treatment and Extremely High Deductibles for life saving In-Patient treatment. Patients oftentimes discontinue or refuse treatment because cost share is too high or out of financial reach. 

While Federal & State health Insurances like Medicare & Medicaid offer little to no patient out of pocket cost for Mental Health Treatment. They reimburse Healthcare Providers very little and make receiving payment for services rendered very difficult. This deters many quality Health Care Practitioners from working with lower income populations.   

Recently unsupported communities have been devastated by the covid pandemic and the entire Mental Health Industry has pivoted towards Telehealth. New industries arose during this era of the pandemic. Companies such as Headway, Alma and quite a few others sprung up to capitalize on the trend by offering services not to those most in need, but to only a select few of elite insurances. They have successfully lured away many providers from treating our Medicaid and Medicare communities and this has created yet another crisis for the Mental Health Industry. 

We believe the solution lies in Removing Patient Cost Share for Mental Health Treatment as well as Increasing Rates for Health Care Providers and removing burdensome Health Insurance policies. 

429 have signed. Let’s get to 500!