Justice for a woman been assaulted

Justice for a woman been assaulted

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Started by Abdul Abdulgafar

I just watched a video showing a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria assulting  a lady physically. As if that's not bad enough, the barbaric act was carried out in the presence of police officers. 

What is the Future of our country? What hope do we have if people like senator Elisha Cliff can carry out such a barbaric act in the presence  of our Law enforcement agents and gets away with it. 

Senator Elisha Cliff should not only step down but face the wrath of the law. He has used his office to oppress those whom he is meant to be governing. 

The senator has shown zero level of a senior states man and has disgraced not just his office but the country as a whole. 

A senator should be a good ambassador of the country not a rogue or a bully like the case of senator Elisha Cliff.

I hereby call on all good ambassadors of our great country Nigeria, everyone with a heart that find this act appalling and everyone that appreciate human right to please endorse this petition. Let's play our part in looking out for one another by getting rid of people like Elisha cliff and putting them where they belong.

We call for senator Elisha Cliff to step down and face the wrath of the law for his disgusting act. 

381 have signed. Let’s get to 500!