Federal Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved Africans in America

Federal Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved Africans in America

May 29, 2022
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Started by RAIN ANGENI

Due to over 400 years of direct legal systematic and eventual government-sanctioned dehumanization of Africans in America through initial kidnap, murder, rape, torture, mutilation, soul-breaking, brain-washing, identity-erasing, enslavement, forced-breeding, genocidal practices, medical apartheid, purposeful withholding of education, miseducation, abject humiliation, intimidation, Jim Crow Laws, red-lining practices, forced proletarian status, and continued segregation, gentrification, racist economic and social treatment, policing disregard for life, social injustice, misrepresentation of the accused, and as a direct correlating benefit - the United States of America did and continues to prosper in wealth and development while the builders referred to as "Africans in America" are relegated to ceaseless methods and tactics strategically deployed to stifle human growth and hinder our pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness as is evident by vi-ocular, economic and societal proof; and have not ever been federally acknowledged as having been in aforementioned conditions, nor compensated for over 300 years of free labor, nor made party to the profit made from this labor, and the condition of which has generationally wounded each African in America beyond what is comprehensible and fully reparable we, all Africans in America and our supporters in this action, demand in this action the following FEDERAL REPARATIONS for EACH African in America (logistics, methodology of issuance and monitoring to be decided in the planning and implementation phase):

1.) Lifetime Income Tax-Exemption

2.) Lifetime Sales Tax-Exemption 

3.) Lifetime Full Tuition Wavier to attend schools, colleges and universities receiving federal funding

4.) Lifetime Unrestricted Medical Insurance Coverage

5.) Two acres of tax-free land in the city of our choice

6.) Lifetime Mortgage/Rental Subsidy equivalent to 50% of the payment

7.) Debt Relief: Discharge of outstanding loans used for education, mortgages, medical, legal fees, and profit/non-profit business financing; AND discharge and removal of all uncollected “Bad Debt” from all credit bureaus.

8.) In the matter of any African in America being accused of a crime, APPOINT a "Philadelphia Lawyer" with a minimum of 15 years direct experience in defending in matters of racism, the underserved, and expressly "Africans in America".

9.) An unamendable law prohibiting the amending or removal of the order/law/bill/policy/ or other legal document for granted reparations ensuring that there is no break in execution.

10.) $250,000 paid to each African in America

In responding favorably to this call to action and issuing said reparations you will have made an attempt to restore a portion of what was taken from generations of Africans in America, while also acknowledging the atrocities committed upon us which have left a legacy of generational human damages; damages of which are and will be a reminder of the United States of America's history of Slavery and Racism.

Respectfully, Dr. LaTatia Stroud, Founder of BlackTribe.org, IOHS.education, and  UnitedAgainstInjustice.org

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Signatures: 446Next Goal: 500
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