Civil Services Reforms

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A country that has been shaken at its roots because of Terrorism and Dictatorial regimes needs Civil Services Reforms .  In UK. , India ,Bangladesh, the age limit for this prestigious exam is 35 where as in Pakistan  its 30.

We Pakistanis need it the most .Highly qualified individuals , PhDs , lawyers , MBBS doctors can't appear in this exam because of the age limit , then they prefer going abroad ,and earning a living there . The brain drain due to this restriction is causing a strain on our  the economy.  

The CSS examination is extremely competitive ; for every one aspirant selected there are 2000 who are not . In 2005 more than 36000 candidates competed for 158 posts as compared to 2011 when approximately 19000 candidates participated in the open public examination of the Civil services ; only 8.0% of them were qualified for 188 government jobs .We request for the increase in age limit ,so that we can serve our Motherland ,to the best of our abilities.

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