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Protect all US Monuments - including Confederate and Founding Fathers

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The eruption of hate from both sides over the last few months is destroying our country.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, White Supremacists and all other extreme groups do not represent the majority of Americans, but the media has arbitrarily divided our country into these two extreme sides as though there is no one in between.  Calm must be returned and a civil dialogue must be attempted. History cannot be erased.  We must learn from it.  Tearing down statues - of Confederates, our Founding Fathers, Woodrow Wilson, et al - will not solve the anything.  Only understanding each side will and coming to a mutually acceptable solution will stop the violence and hatred.  Once these statues are removed, all of these "aggrieved" groups will find something else over which to riot, if we don't have this dialogue.  This is not what America is about.

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