Decision Maker Response

Justin Trudeau’s response

Aug 21, 2015 — I am pleased to have accepted – and look forward to taking part in – “Up For Debate”, and I hope that Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair will confirm their participation in this important initiative as well.

Ensuring that women’s interests are at the forefront of this election campaign is essential. As a father, I want to know that my daughter will have the same opportunities as my sons, receive equal pay for equal work, and be able to make decisions about her own body. I want to know that she will be just as likely to be involved in our economy and in the decision-making as her male counterparts, and that she will be afforded the same respect and rights.

Women’s issues affect us all, and as such, we all have a vested interest in achieving full and substantive equality for women in all facets of society. We know that women’s full participation in the workforce is crucial to our economic growth. According to RBC Economics, the increase in female labour force participation over the past three decades has resulted in a $130 billion contribution to economic activity. We need to have substantive discussions about issues like increasing women’s participation in the economy, child care, domestic violence, health and the environment, and pay equity, among others.

As a legislator and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I am deeply committed to advancing policies that will make Canada a more gender-equitable country. I am proud that our party has taken a strong stance in support of women’s right to choose. We want Canadians to know that when they vote Liberal they will get a representative who supports and defends women’s rights. Equally, I am proud to have announced that a Liberal government will ensure an equal number of women and men in Cabinet and in the federal government’s appointment process, and that meaningful gender-based analysis will be a key part of the decision-making process in Cabinet and across federal departments. Furthermore, a Liberal government will take meaningful steps to address violence against women, including by launching an immediate inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

I fundamentally believe that our society works best when women are at the forefront – successful in all parts of the economy and public life. But this means we have to find ways to break down the barriers that still stand in the way of women’s full participation in society, both here at home and abroad.