Make Judges, the Law and Lawyers Accountable

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Abuse, discrimination and bullying in Australia is not exclusive to the churches or clergymen as we are made to believe.

The worst forms of bullying and discrimination is instead inflicted in the name of the law by unaccountable judges and the self regulated legal profession.

Judges and barristers enjoy immunity from prosecution which allows them to inflict unspeakable damage on children, women, men and the poor. And the consequences of their actions impact on us all as a society.

The Family Court of Australia and The Family Law Act needs to be abolished or  radically overhauled. State and Federal courts, judges and the legal profession need to be held accountable for their acts and omissions in every jurisdiction. 

Subjecting litigants to procedural skirmishes in court is costly, unaffordable and unjust except to fee earning lawyers. Stereotyping litigants is common in all our courts and results in unjust outcomes. Political correctness made into law is the cause of it.

Judicial incompetence and heavy handedness protected by legal doctrines of judicial independence is no longer tenable. Judges need to be made accountable and less partisan. Only Henry VIII was as un accountable for his actions.

Self regulation for lawyers and immunity for barristers and incompetent judges from prosecution must  end. They are anachronistic and a hang over from Dickensian times.

End political correctness in our courts, make lawyers and judges accountable. And Justice for all.