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Federal Oversight Over Schools nationally

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The Government should create a special committee supported by the United States Supreme Court, Department of Justice, Department of Education and United Nations Security Council. This Special Committee will ensure the Public Safety of the Schools nationwide. The members of this committee will consists of United States Attorneys. To those that do not know what a United States Attorney does. They are federal prosecutors that prosecute cases that occur nationwide.

This Committee will be located within the Department of Justice. The Committee will have authorization to investigate the following institutions: School District, School campus and School Administration. Any aspect that will benefit their investigation in case of any situation in regards to bullying or cyber bullying. The authorities will even have authorization to question the parents of the alleged bully or bullies to find out of any awareness that they might know anything.

The purpose for this committee is to prevent Bullying but most of all, prevent suicides caused by bullying from happening. Bullying is a severe criminal act that consists of harassment, Murder, Assault and Battery, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligence, terrorist threats.. etc..
The Department of Education are not Attorneys . When there is a report of Bullying happening. The situation should automatically be turned over to Authorities. The School should suspend the alleged Bully, bullies, or any individual involved until the investigation is over or until they are proven guilty.

This will also be a response to Students committing violent acts within school grounds that bullying will not be tolerated. The authorities will treat crimes as any other. The Court’s Job is to interpret the Law, the Prosecutor’s Job is to enforce the Law and the school’s job is to cooperate with authorities and ensuring the students are safe.

This Petition is in honor to Rosalie Avila and every child that’s ever committed suicide or is a victim of Bullying 

We as the people, hereby demand federal Oversight over the Schools  

Stop Bullying!! Let’s ensure safety for the students

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