Stop seismic testing King Island Tasmania

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ConocoPhillips Australia is planning to undertake a three-dimensional (3D) marine seismic survey (Sequoia 3D seismic survey) in Exploration Permit T/49P to enable assessment of the natural gas reservoirs in the eastern offshore Otway Basin. The permit is located in waters west of Tasmania’s King Island.

Seismic testing is proven to cause a range of issues for marine animals such as whales, dolphins, fish and crustaceans such as southern rock lobster and giant crabs. 

The area Concophillips is proposing to test is home to over 30 species of whale, 5 of which are listed as threatened or endangered. Other species do not have conservation status due to lack of information. 
Many species of fish and crustaceans also live and migrate throughout this area. 
We have just seen Australia’s largest mass stranding event on this coast. Although the reason is yet to be determined, seismic testing could have potentially played a part.

The commercial fishing industry has launched a parliamentary enquiry into the effects of seismic testing on commercial fisheries, this has been supported by a number of organisations that have been effected from previous testing. 

Tasmania’s west coast and King Island is famous for having some of the cleanest air and waterways in the world. Oil exploration in this area will not only cause damage to marine life, and our fishing industry but to Tasmania’s world famous clean green image.