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General Hospital Mokwa Local Govt. A Death Trap,Revamp it and save the life of PoorMasses.

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My worst experience with respect to Mokwa Local Government General Hospital occurred sometimes last year in August during my visit to the hospital. It was late precisely 1:45 am and the rain had just stopped. I had rushed my bearly two years old Son to the Hospital for a high body temperature that is much more around the stomach, continuous crying and restlessness. As we approached the Emergency Ward hoping for immediate attention and treatment for my son who was still crying out of excruciating pain and restlessness, we be held a sight of the Emergency Ward messed up by the  rainwater that stopped few minutes ago and as a result of leaking roofs.

With this, we had to wait  outside for about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the nurses on duty to sweep out the water and which they did very reluctantly without any concerns or compassion for the crying child, my wife became overwhelmed with there inhuman behaviour and start to shade tears, on seeing this I became teary eyed too. When they finished sweeping and it was time for them to attend to us, one of the nurse yielded saying; 'this your child is still crying', on hearing this my head banged sending me negative signals that made my hair stand on its end.

I struggled to tame the raging anger in me and didn't give her any response. The Senior nurse quickly observed the unfriendly atmosphere as I continue to gnaw my teeth and took charge professionally saying; He was sorry for my son's condition, requiring me to tell him what the problem was and I did. Has he began to examine my son, the next thing we heard was a whirling siren sound deeply resonating and echoing capable of putting the entire neighborhood to panic headed towards the Emergency Ward. Immediately, two staff of Federal Road Safety Corps rushed in requiring the attentions of  nurses on duty. All along it was just two nurses and one auxiliary nurse that is more of a cleaner.

I was poised and paused to see if the senior nurse examining my son would abandon him, but fortunately for them he asked the other nurses to go and help the accident victims to the Ward. Here, they start to look for a stretcher all around the ward and outside. Then it occurred to me that a common stretcher is lacking because if they do have it, it wouldn't have developed wings all of a sudden now that the utmost need for it has arised. They left and rushed to the victims managed to bring them inside one after the other anyways. While this was happening, the senior nurse was still on my son's case until one of the accident victim that was badly injured is brought into the wards groaning seriously out of excruciating pain and gasping to breath. It was obvious that he was in between life and death. Seeing this, I became moved and immediately told the nurse to attend to the victims especially the one groaning loudly out of excruciating pains.

He sedated my son and left immediately. But even at that, two things were very crucial for the survival of the badly injured victim; firstly an ‘ Oxygen Machine ’ to help him breathe and stabilize him, secondly an ‘ X-ray Machine ’ or an ‘ Ultrasound Machine ’ to do a general examination of broken bones or internal injuries. Here I realized that the hospital is nothing short of a roadside chemist. No ‘ Streacher ’, No ‘ Oxygen Machine ’, No ‘ X-ray Machine ’ or an ‘ Ultrasound Machine ’ and accident victims with complicated cases are watched to die slowly. And so was the situation of the badly injured accident victim as he painfully passed away after about twenty to thirty minutes. All along the hospital has being in total darkness as their was no alternative to circumvent Power Failure and should their be a power failure, point a clear danger to patients in need for any emergencies. The nurses were using some poorly lighted rechargeable lamps. 

At this point, I was devastated and resentful to leave the hospital and never ever return again. At this time it was already 20 minutes to 4 : 00am and my son had slept off as the sedation had taken effect. I quickly and quietly told my wife to let's go home and we left without saying anything to the Nurses. The following morning I sought for a better hospital almost 45 kilometres away and we got the required medical attention. I was still devastated and began to make enquiries concerning the Hospital and alot of shocking revelations was unveiled to me that a lot of patients have died for not getting the needed medical  help. The Hospital for over five years now doesn't have any means of circumventing power failure and should their be a power failure, point a clear danger to patients in need of Intensive care and attention. 

Till today, the situation of Hospital is still the same or even worst and you could imagine the number of human lifes that would have been wasted as hardly a day passes through without the the cases of accident victims rushed to Mokwa General Hospital. This is because the Mokwa Local Government is located in between 'MAKERA-MOKWA-JEBBA ' one of the worst roads in this country.  An Hospital is supposed to be a place to safe and preserve human life's, is now fastly becoming more of a death trap.

At this point, this graffiti is appalling and until something is done, the Hospital should definitely be off limits for serious and complicated cases as it only adds to the misery of health victims. 

We the undersigned ask that your office take swift action in other to preserve the general public health. 

Thank you! 

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