Advocate compulsory character development education for all schools in Nigeria/Africa.

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I drive daily to work and see drivers and pedestrian ignore orderliness. The drivers disregard traffic laws and pedestrians rain curses at every slightest provocation.I stay at home and find that even in enclosed compounds, properties and lives are disregarded.I communicate and transact with people and have seen that a lot of persons lack the ability to manage and deal fairly without exploitation. We learn how to protect planet earth, yet people look at their immediate gain and disregard actions that will have a long term effect. Many young adults need jobs, but never have the fortitude to follow their passion and live their purpose. Most aggrieved individuals are ready to fight rather than look for non threatening ways to dialogue and solve differences. Most learners are driven by getting the paper, because too much emphasis is being placed on 'hardcopy evidence' rather than on the learning process. Most persons think of eating, but never think of how more food can be made for the populace in order to curb incessant profiteering. Most persons now have the idea of ethnicity rather than that of humanity, it is either for me, myself and I. The focus has shifted from love for people and sanctity for life, it is all about 'no benefit, no involvement'. Since education in Nigeria in most schools is now gear towards paperwork, learners are beginning to loss the value for some subjects such as civic education, social studies and physical and health education.


Compulsory character development education for all teachers and learners need to be facilitated in schools to effect a paradigmatic shift in attitude and behaviour. When the populace begin to shift their minds through deliberate repetition of modeled values such as orderliness, respect for lives and properties, nurturing nature, perseverance, commitment, diligence, hardwork, delaying gratification, love for people and peaceful co-existence, productivity, excellence, integrity and off course justice; the character development programme will help to re-programme the minds of everyone(teachers and learners) as their perceptions towards finance, environment, vocations, career, jobs, emotions, physical and social interactions, as well as spiritual developments shifts for the common good of the existence of all inhabitants of planet Earth.

The true essence of education is meant to ensure that society becomes better than it is one step at a time and it is indeed the right attitude to the areas of personal wellness that will make this possible.

With these, we are sure to have a safer environment and a prosperous country in extension, a thriving Africa, where merit overrides mediocrity, productivity takes over complacency and information harnessed for transformation. Character development is the only way to solve the building psychological misdirection the society has inadvertently followed in the gear of traditional bandwagonism and sychophancy. Character development education can create assess to a better climate and tackle deep rooted beliefs that taunts our very existence to create a collaborative culture of being purposely driven.


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