Accessibility reforms in public spaces for the differently-abled

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Handicapped children and adults often face issues of exclusion, discrimination and accessibility. Many public places are reluctant to give them admission. Accessibility is important for the health and well-being of differently-abled individuals.

We demand inclusion for differently-abled people in public areas!

1-Parks, community clubs, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, cinemas and shops should be easily accessible with handicapped parking spaces, railings and ramps.

2-Toilets should be constructed in all public places. They should provide easy accessibility to physically handicapped children and adults. Toilets should follow spatial standards for including wheelchairs.

3-News channels should have a translator or a sign language expert for the hearing impaired to help them watch the news.

4-Braille equipment, books and relevant technology should be provided in restaurants, public libraries etc. to assist the visually impaired with reading menus and books.

5-Elevators with wider doors and ramps with special spatial and slope requirements should be constructed for easy accessibility everywhere.

It is an appeal to the Government of Pakistan to do necessary legislation for equal rights, accessibility and inclusion of disabled people in public places.

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Zariya Farhan & Aisha Faisal
Lahore Grammar School Defence
Phase 1 – Grade 5 Green