NDIS funding for kids with disabilities who want to learn to drive

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Funding for Driving lessons has been ruled out because NDIS look at what is deemed to reasonable and necessary.  Because Parents in all other situations are expected to pay for driving lessons, NDIS are saying Parents with kids with Disabilities are expected to pay for driving lessons for their kids. What they do not take into account is that Driving Schools who modify their cars so these kids can learn, have to charge more to cover the costs of the modifications and the extra distance they have to travel to get to the kids. The cost of a driving lesson for a kid with a disability is doubled.  This is so unfair that these Parents have to bear this burden.  NDIS was created to make life easier for these families. The Government wants these kids to be as employable as any other kid. A drivers license will do this. So let’s get these families the funding they deserve.