Change the Fair Workers Act to make it easier for Postgraduates to get a job.

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The Fair Workers Act states that people who are paid award wages can not be paid an income lower than their award wages when they apply for jobs relevant to their qualification

  • Meaning that if I apply for jobs that require a Bachelor Degree, my application won’t even be read if I have a Masters Degree. 
  • This is problematic to postgraduate's as almost all the jobs advertised for, like laboratory science are for Bachelor Degree level incomes. 
  • What rules like this do is punish people for learning by reducing their opportunity.  It also lowers the standard of each position filled.  Instead of enabling people with a Masters degree to apply for lower positions and bringing their more comprehensive understanding of science to the position they are being rejected in favor of less qualified people.
  • To be clear I’m not saying that job seekers with Bachelor degrees should be overlooked, what I am saying is that job seekers with Master’s Degrees shouldn’t be either.
  •  Some employers might believe that if they employ someone over qualified for the job that the employee could get bored and might move on to better things which will cost the laboratory more money in training new recruits.  Most Undergraduate jobs that are advertised are fixed duration positions that enable a foot in the door and leave little time for boredom and would enable qualified people like myself to get valuable experience in the industry, get off welfare and pay off our university loans.    

The Fair Workers Act needs to change so that postgraduates can enter the workforce with their qualifications more easily. 

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