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Petitioning Federal Minister For Higher Education, Craig Emerson:

Federal Minister For Higher Education, Craig Emerson: stop the proposed cuts to UQ St Lucia campus

My name is Mark Starkey. I am a worker in the Faculty of Science at UQ St Lucia campus and, like most Australians, I recognise the importance of having a smarter Queensland and a smarter Australia – which means:

• trained professionals to do the jobs of tomorrow
• research and development to keep us competitive in a global market
• and a liberally-educated community that questions, challenges, innovates and seeks balance in our lives.

This, however, is now at risk with this government’s proposed cut of $2.3billion from our higher education sector.

The Federal Government argues that it is simply slowing the growth of funding to the sector, but the sector was chronically under-funded for many years under the Coalition and so is trying to recover from a low base. Australia ranks a miserable 27th of 29 OECD countries for how much the Government invests in higher education per student. Any cut means a cut to courses, staff, campus services or research activity. That’s cutting off your nose despite your face!

I am urging our Federal Minister for Higher Education, Craig Emerson, to aim higher for education.

Join me and thousands of others who have already shown their disproval and send a message to our government to value our tertiary education sector. Start by telling them to aim higher for education by signing this petition.

Letter to
Federal Minister For Higher Education, Craig Emerson:
Education does not stop at the school fence. Stop the proposed cuts of $2.3 billion to higher education to guarantee we at UQ can continue to skill and support students - ensuring we in Queensland have a prosperous future workforce. Let’s aim higher for education.