Petition Closed

My name is Chris Weckerle. I am a worker in the Division of Information Services at Griffith University. Like most Australians I recognise the importance of having a smarter Queensland and a smarter Australia.

Unfortunately this is now being put at risk with the proposed cuts of $2.3billion to Higher Education by the Federal Government. This is extremely shortsighted as it will have a detrimental effect on the operating budgets for universities and will lead to cutbacks in staffing, courses, research activity and campus services effecting everyone that works or studies in universities across Australia.

I am urging the Federal Minister for Higher Education, Craig Emerson to reconsider his funding cuts, please join me and thousands of others to send a message to our government to value our tertiary education sector, please sign this petition.

Letter to
Federal Minister For Higher Education, Craig Emerson
Education does not stop at the school fence. Stop the proposed cuts of $2.3 billion to higher education to guarantee we at Griffith can continue to skill and support students - ensuring we in Queensland have a prosperous future workforce. Let’s aim higher for education.