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Support a bill promoting marriage equality in Federal Parliament

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Marriage equality has always been a foremost priority of campaigners for social justice throughout history. Over the years, campaigns for marriage equality have addressed the right of people of different races, classes and creeds to marry freely and have healthy, fulfilling relationships supported by the state to the same extent as any other marriage. In the 21st Century, the focus has shifted to marriages between LGBT people as the next frontier in the marriage equality debate.

We, the undersigned, believe that it should be amongst the foremost priorities of any democratic government seeking to protect the rights and freedoms of its constituents to make a commitment not to legislate against marriage equality. Although LGBT people in Australia may be a minority, their rights and freedoms should still be a priority for the representatives they helped to elect. We represent a cross-section of modern society that consists not just of LGBT people, but of other members of your electorate who see a commitment to marriage equality as a necessary prerequisite for true representation of our community.

Marriage equality is a necessary step in the growth, development and prosperity of our nation. It is time for our elected representatives to make a strong commitment towards ending discrimination in this area, for the sake of the many, many LGBT people in our community, but also for the sake of those they love, and the nation in which they are all equal citizens and stakeholders. By allowing LGBT people to more fully become accepted and equal members of this society through supporting a marriage equality bill, we believe that our representatives will be making a strong commitment towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all Australians.

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