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Petition for termination of federal probation for Nicholas Beckwith

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Petition for termination of federal probation for Nicholas Beckwith upon sentencing in Colorado district court. Mr. Beckwith was sentenced to 27 months of prison time with 24 months of probation for 3 rounds of ammunition. On April 17, 2014 Mr. Beckwith was arrested for this crime. During the arrest, he was handcuffed and while lying handcuffed on the ground a K-9 was ordered to attack him by the K-9 officer. He was then pepper sprayed before being taken to the hospital for medical attention. The dog bite injury resulted in multiple surgeries and lasting nerve damage. After being released Mr. Beckwith volunteered at a battered women’s shelter in Indiana teaching him humility and a sense of betterment of himself in being able to give back to the community. He then left Indiana and moved to Colorado to make a fresh start of his life. He had high hopes of living a productive and respectable life. He found a job very shortly after moving as a welder. He worked incredibly hard at his job and took immense pride in his work. If Mr. Beckwith is unable to have his federal probation terminated he will be unable to live in a half-way house which will result in him being homeless. He feels it will benefit not only himself but also society if he can go to a half-way house where he can find employment and learn to better himself. Also, he will be unable to attend the substance abuse treatment programs he very much needs if the probation isn’t terminated. He is asking for help in hopes to better himself and become once again a productive member of society. Since his incarceration in Colorado Mr. Beckwith has been receiving medication to help with his issues of mental stability. It is Mr. Beckwith’s hope to rejoin society, find gainful employment, seek counseling for both mental health issues and the subsequent self-medication issues regarding alcohol. He wishes to continue his medication as he feels it makes him a more stable and clear minded individual. He also would like to seek outpatient treatment for alcoholism where he can grow and learn from like-minded individuals who value their sobriety. He feels if he can get his federal probation terminated he can succeed in all these goals and live a life beneficial to himself and society. Thank you.

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