Help the first diabetes focused pharmacy in Australia access the PBS and NDSS

Help the first diabetes focused pharmacy in Australia access the PBS and NDSS

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We need your help to get Friendlies East Victoria Park a PBS number so they can continue to provide an inclusive wrap around services to people living with diabetes right across Perth.

Friendlies East Victoria Park is the home of Perth Diabetes Care which is the first pharmacy led community based diabetes clinic in Australia. It was started by 2 pharmacists who had a dream to make diabetes clinical support services more accessible after watching their close family struggle to find the right support for them. 

They provide access to Credentialled Diabetes Educators, Accredited Practising Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellor, Pharmacists, Care Coordinators and an amazing admin support team to support those living with all types of diabetes find the right team for them. 

While Perth Diabetes Care HQ is in in Friendlies East Victoria Park they also have clinics in Carine, Kalamunda, High Wycombe, Midland, Palmyra and Murdoch therefore are often visited at the Vic Park office by those from North to South to East of Perth. 

The team works with many GP practices and endocrinology (diabetes specialist) services in Perth to provide allied health support with expertise in diabetes including Type 1 diabetes.

Their allied health team also provide support to Aged Care Facilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Integrated Team Service providers. All clients referred who are accessing services through close the gap programs are bulk billed. 

They offer services such as Insulin pump starts, assistance with commencing Continuous Glucose Monitoring, have linked up 100's of people with type 1 diabetes with a complimentary Freestyle Libre reader and initial sensor through the patient experience program offered by the company. Part of their insulin pump program includes 24 hour access to a diabetes educator for 6 weeks post pump start, telehealth appointments, email and phone support. 

They are the only pharmacy in WA that can offer the services above including after hours clinics including week day clinics until 8pm, Saturday and Sunday clinics. 

Since opening in 2015 they have applied for special consideration for a PBS number from Minister Hunt and been rejected on the basis that there are pharmacies surrounding that can provide PBS and NDSS services but neither of those pharmacies are experts in diabetes management, products involved, stockists of diabetes specialist products, able to provide emergency supplies of pump consumables or CGM supplies through the clinic or have close access to diabetes suppliers.

On a daily basis Friendlies East Vic Park receives phone calls from pharmacies in Perth and interstate for advice on the above topics and often are having to assist those pharmacies with troubleshooting devices, stock availability or access and provide clinical advice to pharmacists. 

An important part of the clinic is their advocacy role for clients attending clinic and beyond. Since 2016 they have supported an amazing bunch of people living with type 1 diabetes to form the PDC Young Adult Diabetes Committee (YADC). The group now meets monthly to organise 4 events per year supported by PDC for people living with type 1 diabetes in Perth. This group effectively co-designed services offered under the roof of Friendlies East Victoria Park and Perth Diabetes Care. It has also created an invaluable network of support for the committee and the wider community that has encouraged other diabetes organisations to follow suit. 

Each month Friendlies East Vic Park sends a care package of unopened, in date insulin to insulin for life at their own cost to assist those who cannot afford this life saving medication. 

So what is the reason for this petition? Well let me put it simply....

Friendlies East Victoria Park cannot do the following for people living with diabetes:

Dispense PBS subsidised prescriptions to people who require them the most (including insulin and most diabetes medications especially for those accessing medication through Close the Gap programs and concession card holders)

Provide services funded via the 6CPA agreement Eg: Diabetes Medschecks, Medschecks, Webster Pack (DAA) services just to name a few.

Provide products via the NDSS!!!!!

(Perth Diabetes Care was previously a non pharmacy sub agent but this was taken off them when the changes to NDSS occurred meaning only PBS pharmacies can now become NDSS sub agents!) - They have recently tried to reapply but have been rejected on the basis it would then set precedent for others!! Really???

Perth Diabetes Care which is housed in Friendlies East Victoria Park is currently linking up people with insulin pumps and NDSS Subsidised CGMs at least 2-3 times per week but can then not supply ongoing NDSS supply for pump consumables, test strips, insulin needles or CGM sensors!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please sign the petition and share amongst your networks

Let's show Minister Hunt why Friendlies East Victoria Park is a true exception to the PBS Location Rules!

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!