Victoria, I deserve to get home safe.

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We all deserve to make it home. 

Things must change, Victoria. 

Too many innocent lives have been brutally taken from their families and friends in vile, unimaginable circumstances. 

I propose that in consultation with Victim Support Networks, families who have been affected, The Victorian Justice Department and the necessary tech bodies a new way of treating convicted sexually deviant, violent criminals is established. One that makes it safer for us all, to get home - unharmed. 

When a dog attacks, it is subject to microchipping, muzzling and caging. 

When a human attacks, unlike the dog they get more opportunity to do it again. An opportunity to go the next step, an opportunity to mame, torture and take from earth someone who means the world to so many. 

I propose that Convicted Sexual Predators are graded. That those who are graded at most risk to society, who for some crazy reason ( basically $$) are not in incarceration are microchipped; just like we do to dangerous dogs. 

A phone app is then created, and downloadable via the Victorian Dept of Justice that alerts people when one of these microchipped unsafe, sexually deviant, violent predators are within a certain distance of them. Hell, it even describes them. 

This serves as a warning system for the innocent, a tracking system for the Police and maybe just maybe some kind of deterrent for the predators.  

It's not time for the innocent to change their behaviour, it's time for injustices to be treated with such seriousness that these behaviours become so much harder to engage in. 

For those who are willing to take someone else's life, to rape and torture then forever they must be held accountable - publicly. 

Victoria, change your strategy and keep us all safe. 






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