Save Radio Pakistan Abbottabad!!

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Government has decided to close Radio Pakistan Abbottabad. As considering it sick branch. People of Region Hazara, KPK, are very much desperate by this decision of the Government. This unit (Station) is located at Karakouram Highway, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and to CPEC, having specific geo-political conditions of region.  

PBC (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation) Abbottabad, was established in 1991, to promote local culture and folk music. For the last 28 years, Radio Pakistan Abbottabad, is fulfilling its duties, to the utmost satisfaction of the locals, and its listeners insisted to shift radio from Medium Waves to FM in 2010. 

On FM 101, its listening scales was highly increased as government agreed to the demand of the locals. Nowadays, Radio Pakistan Abbottabad is broadcasting its programs in four languages.

  • Urdu
  • Hindko
  • Gojri
  • Pashto

Since 2012, local news in these fours languages has also started to be broadcasted by Radio Pakistan Abbottabad, and light is being shed on the local issues and simultaneously, also promoting local culture and giving maximum exposure to the youth. There are many renowned singers, compares and writers who have started their career at this esteemed unit. It may be borne in mind that Radio Pakistan Abbottabad is the only radio station, which works for culturally divers 7 districts of Hazara Division.

It is the only vibrant forum functioning diligently for the benefit of the youth of 7 districts of Hazara Division.

  1. Abbottabad (Capital Hazara Division)
  2. Haripur
  3. Mansehra
  4. Battagram
  5. Upper-Kohistan
  6. Torghar
  7. Lower-Kohistan

  It is our utmost responsibility to save such institutions for the next generation, to give them exposure to profession through these healthy institution, rather considering these institutions as "SICK-UNITS".