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Safe Schools Nationwide

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In the wake of 18 school shootings in the first 6 weeks of 2018 and the call for stricter gun laws, we purpose the alternative. We ask for laws to be in place for safer schools and heighten security. We ask for every single school nationwide to install and utilize metal detectors, scan in Identification badges, and backpack searches upon entering the school. We ask for every single school to have automatically locking doors at every entry/exist point. 

     No child should fear for their safety at school and no parent should ever worry if their child is alive at a place they are supposed to be safe at. “Research” has shown that metal detectors and increased security will hinder the learning environment. To be blunt and to the point, your child cannot learn anything if your child has been shot to death at school. While metal detectors, scan in identification badges and backpack checks may be inconvenient, annoying, time consuming they save lives. We do this at airports, theme parks, and government buildings nationwide. Why are we not doing it to protect our children at school? 

In addition we ask for stricter disciplinary actions against bullying in school. Mental and emotional abuse is just as damaging, if not more, as physical abuse. 

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