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Reclassify Beirut as War time for Veterans benefits

Please go to: and watch this video to understand what these Veterans endured.

October 23, 1983 we lost 241 Marines in the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, truely the first terrorist attack. We lost these many military personnel during this so-called "Peace Keeping Mission". These Veterans and all those lost deserve to be eligible for the same VA benefits and pensions available to other war time Veterans. Are their lives not just as important? Did they not lose their lives or put their lives on the line just as other Veterans? Please honor these Veterans and change the classification to war-time so they too can receive the needed benefits they deserve. These Veterans deserve to be recognized for their sacrafices!!

My husband is a Beirut Marine Veteran. These Veterans lives are effected daily in the same way as other Veterans who served during classified war-times. There is no difference. War is war. Their motto is to "The First Duty Is To Remember" so lets ALL remember and honor them by getting Beirut reclassified as a war-time period for their benefits!! Lets all make it our "duty to remember" and give them the recognition they deserve!!

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