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Provide support, programs and help to regional communities that are majorly Indigenous.

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While Aboriginals/Torres Strait Islanders account for around three percent of the Australian population, 28 percent of the adult prison population accounts for people of indigenous decent. This is provided by a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2016. This is a very alarming statistic that shows that we are not doing enough to help regional Aboriginals, who are still disadvantaged in terms of health, education, and social attitude. The incarceration rates (the amount of people in prison) are worse than ever for indigenous people. While treatment of Aboriginals has improved dramatically, there is still a lot to be done in terms of improving their lifestyle. Approximately 43.2 percent of the Aboriginal population live in 'Outer Regional', 'Remote' or 'Very Remote' areas of Australia, with a further 21.8 percent of the population living in Inner regional areas. This is as opposed to non-indigenous people, of which only 10.4 percent of the population live in the same areas stated before.

The juvenile detention centres throughout Australia are made up of about 50% of Aboriginal and Torres-straight islanders. And along with this, the Indigenous recidivism rate of 58% within 10 years was significantly higher than the Indigenous school retention rate from year 7 to 12. Along with this the rates of Aboriginal and Torres- straight islanders are 15 % more likely to be taken to prisons or detention centres than the non-Indigenous community.

We as Australians need to assist these disadvantaged individuals that face challenges that most people do not experience. We propose to all of you reading this that you sign this petition to help out the aboriginals that are in this situation. The government needs to provide more support, more programs and allocate more of the budget towards this. By doing this, we will be helping our indigenous friends by improving their lifestyles and  allowing them to lead a life without violence and crime. It is ours and the Australian government's fault that the incarceration rates have risen this high, and it is our job to bring it back and improve the indigenous community's lifestyle.


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