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The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of Nigeria has failed to pay the defunct NIGERIA AIRWAYS workers their pension arrears for the past 11 years, these are ex-workers who used their lives to serve the federal government minimum of (10-35 years). PLEASE PAY US OUR PENSION. This is so inhumane, because a lot of these workers have died and are still dying due to economic hardship and inability to afford healthcare when needed. However each tenure of government keep making promises to pay, but non has fulfilled these promises till date under the guise of insufficient funds or whatever excuses! also officials in positions of authority keeps sabotaging ever effort to pay us for their personal benefits and gains. And every of our effort hitherto has not brought any results. The unions and other organizations has not successfully compelled our payments as well. We have all been sent into abject poverty and there is still no hope of immediate action from the government. I am a victim myself and I know what problems and financial difficulties I am facing on day to day basis and I am only fortunate to be alive and not on my death bed. We need the whole world to help us on this matter to ask the PRESIDENT of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to compel the payment of our pension which has accrued with no interest over 11 years period. We are SUFFERING and another airline called NIGERIA AIR being constituted by the Federal government and it might be used again as an excuse for delaying payment. I can't go into further details on this platform but here is a summary of NIGERIA AIRWAYS EX-WORKERS problems with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of NIGERIA.
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