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Roland Tafida mopol 20 pmf Lagos, who is from Mangu local government area of Plateau state was serving the nation at Borno state to fight insurgency and end the war against Boko Haram and make this government of APC achieve its mandate of good governance and fulfill its political objectives which it promised it's good citizens but, this was cut short as a result of trivial issue between the security personnels in Borno. Roland Tafida was to complete his duty and be back to his family a wife and two daughters this weekend after 9th February 2020 but, this dream was aborted due to a misunderstanding between the mopol unit and the Army units in Liman kara, Borno state. He was shot at close range using an AA rifle by a soldier that his identity has not been disclosed and his fellow mopols were hindered at first to assist him and were threatened to be shot also, this led to him losing alot of blood and before he could get help it was already too late and resulted to his demise. We see this action as intentional, preplaned and deliberate, an act of incompetence and unprofessionalism and such Army personel is not fit to serve this great nation since he has no self control to protect the citizens of Nigeria. We therefore, ask the Federal government and the Military to look into this matter and we seek for justice for deceased Roland Tafida, his wife and two daughters.