Economic Justice for the citizens of Canada who are being bankrupted by the government.

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I am requesting that the federal and provincial governments of Canada:

  • Immediately freeze any payments being made to federal and provincial members of parliament by the government of Canada.
  • Immediately mandate the shutdown of any businesses being operated by all federal and provincial members of parliament until COVID restrictions are lifted.
  • Immediately mandate the freeze of assets, investments and any other form of income being generated by federal and provincial members of parliament outside of government salaries and payments.
  • Immediately require federal and provincial members of parliament to apply for applicable federal and provincial government COVID funds and feed their families, pay their bills and maintain their shut down businesses and any quality of life off of said funds like the rest of suffering Canadians.

The citizens of Canada are being economically crushed by the measures being forced by the federal and provincial governments.

Not only have millions of Canadians lives been destroyed by government measures, but the federal and provincial governments have accumulated more than $600 billion in additional debt that has not delivered any substantial results in the prevention of COVID impacts to the health of Canadians.

Statistically, COVID deaths are predominant to the 70+ age range (90%-95%) and there have been no effective measures introduced to resolve this issue, the spending is out of control and the focus on protecting the truly vulnerable has completely evaporated while all efforts by the government have been mainly focused on the 60 and below demographic in Canada who have a significantly low probability of being affected by COVID.

Not to mention the fact that if you are below the age of 60 the federal and provincial governments have completely ignored the fact that statistically you are ten times more likely to commit suicide than to die from COVID. While this is true under normal circumstances the government has exacerbated the issue by intentionally destroying the livelihoods of said individuals while shutting down every healthy coping mechanism they previously had access to (gyms, sports, activities with friends, etc). They have done this while maintaining access to virtually every negative means of coping while still ensuring sustaining government revenue of said items (cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, etc).

This treatment of Canadians is cruel, unusual and has been completely ineffective at preventing COVID impacts.

The point of this petition is to request that if the government is going to demand that Canadians sacrifice their livelihoods, mental health and essentially their lives to maintain these draconian government measures then members of parliament on both the federal and provincial levels should be subjected to the same conditions to ensure urgency behind implementing effective COVID measures and a true understanding of the struggles of millions of Canadians they are responsible to represent.