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Kill Canada's Supply Management System

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My name is Glenn Black, President of Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada, a not-for-profit group dedicated to communicate, discuss, and advocate for the civil rights and important role Small Flock Poultry Farmers can play (and should play) in Canadian Society.  Small Flockers are on the side of justice & truth, and against privilege & power.

My small flock poultry farm is located in Northern Ontario.  I and 60,000 other small flock farmers all across Canada had our civil rights and freedoms stripped away, and our incomes severely limited by Supply Management (“SM” for short).  The governments delegated their law making powers for chickens to just 5% of Canada’s chicken farmers, allowing them to award themselves SM quotas, guaranteed profits, special rights, and privileges over non-SM farmers like me, and all other Canadians.

SM isn’t just chicken.  SM controls the importing, farming, processing, and selling of dairy, chicken, eggs, turkey, tobacco, and a few other agricultural commodities.

Of the few countries that had SM, all of these other countries have abandoned their previous SM system, leaving Canada’s SM monopoly as the last one standing.  Canada’s SM monopolies have grown more and more dysfunctional and corrupt over their 44 years existence.  For example, under SM’s jaundiced eye and self-serving practices:

  • Canadians are price gouged 38% to 300% more than what most other countries pay for chicken, turkey, eggs, and dairy products such as milk, cheese, & butter;

  • Canadian dairy farms are an endangered species; their numbers have dropped 54% in the last 21 years;

  • We have mediocre quality milk.  There has been little to no improvement in the bacterial and somatic cell contamination in Canadian milk during the last 17 years of SM;

  • Chicken farms are also endangered; their numbers have dropped 88% in the last 45 years;

  • Chicken feed yields have improved under SM, but non-SM chicken farmers in other countries have improved 25% more than Canada;

  • For Minimum Wage earners in Ontario from 1995 to 2005, SM price gouging has caused chicken affordability to drop 37%;

  • 50% of the SM tobacco crop is illegally sold on the black market, and to organized crime.

SM foods have mediocre quality, biosecurity risks, and frequent contamination; yet SM chicken and egg farmers earn 21% more than non-SM farmers.  SM farmers are just 8% of Canada’s farmers, but act as if they run the entire country.  SM farmers get special treatment because they write their own laws under SM.  SM robs all Canadian consumers of choice and freedom.

After New Zealand got rid of their SM system in 2001, their dairy industry grew 17 times faster than Canada's.  This proves that Canada’s fossilized SM monopoly forces Canada and Canadians to give up billions in GDP, exports, prosperity, jobs, and tax revenue.

Most Canadians don't realize how dysfunctional and corrupt SM has become.  The government created SM.  The government should know how bad SM has become, get it fixed, or kill the Frankenstein monster they created.

In spite of all this, the government and all MP’s still 100% support Supply Management, against the greater good of all Canadians.

I therefore call for the Federal Government, all Provinces, and Territories of Canada  to withdraw further support for Supply Management, help the SM industry transition to a better system that serves all Canadians, and restore the rights and freedoms of non-SM farmers.


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