Eradicate workplace toxicity

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The 'Need to Eradicate Workplace Toxicity' (NEWT) by The GHFC

The media is overflowing with revelations of workplace toxicity, be it bullying or mobbing, intimidation, harassment or discrimination (BIHD), with stories from the executive level, to white collar, blue collar even on the shop floor, across all sectors!

  • When is it going to stop?
  • Wrong question!!
  • How are we going to stop and eradicate it in all our workplaces?

We need to ask ourself that question, come up with a plan then take ACTION...NOW!!

Workplace bullies are people who belittle, humiliate and threaten their colleagues and co‐workers. Organisational cultures exacerbate the problem when leaders either do not understand workplace bullying or dismiss it as tough management. 

  • Bullying is more devastating than all other work-related stresses combined.
  • Bullying costs organizations billions of dollars annually
  • In the workplace bully behaviour can be subtle or glaringly obvious
  • Bullying is any activity that causes the bullied individual to experience negative feelings resulting in the bully receiving some sort of satisfying emotional reward
  • The most common bullying health effects are anxiety, irritability, depression, and post‐traumatic stress disorder.
  • Bullying negatively affects the human body causing cardiovascular problems, adverse neurological changes, immunological impairment, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, and skin disorders.
  • Research has found that workplace bullying exists primarily because of a lack of positive leadership performance, with bullying thriving when the direct supervisor avoids managing conflict.
  • Organisational leaders either do not recognise the detrimental effects of workplace bullying or they do not know how to productively manage it.
  • As a result, bullies continue their reign of terror and targets worry about the bully, lose trust in the company, or leave their workplace.
  • Workplace bullying must be explored in a sustained and systematic manner because organizations have a responsibility to protect their employees from psychological harassment.

‘The Workplace Bullying Institute’, Research Director, Gary Namie, PhD, and ‘Zogby International’ conducted 7,740 online interviews of a panel that is representative of the adult population. This is the largest national scientific survey of the phenomenon of workplace bullying to date:

  • Workplace Bullying is an epidemic…37% of respondents have been bullied at work 
  • Bullying is 4 times more prevalent than other illegal forms of “harassment”
  • Employers ‘can and do’ ignore bullying…in 62% of the cases, when made aware of bullying, employers worsen the problem or simply do nothing despite losing loyal, competent employees
  • Most bullies are Bosses – the stereotype is …72% of bullies are bosses with 55% of those bullied being rank‐and‐file workers
  • Bullying most strongly affects women…women are targeted by bullies more frequently (in 57% of cases), especially by other women (in 71% of cases)
  • Bullying is a Public Health hazard…for 45% of bullied individuals, stress affects their health with 33% suffering for over a year  
    Bullied individuals are not “sue crazy” … only 3% of bullied targets file lawsuits 
  • Many fail to even complain…40% never complain
  • The bullies suffer little despite inflicting suffering…the bullied individuals have to stop the vast majority of bullying, with 77% losing or leaving their jobs despite being the ones harmed

A systems approach to designing a training program that addresses the root causes and involving individuals at all levels provides skills for dealing with this phenomenon and can promote a harmonious working environment.

The GHFC petitions that these are without doubt sobering facts, however they are facts and as such need to be processed and then actively paid attention to, especially in encouraging those being bullied or mobbed to 'SPEAK UP' and to involve all current and future workplace legislation standards to right this despicable wrong!

Charles at The GHFC