Make the Australian Government finally sign a treaty with its First Nation People

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As you may know, Australia stands as the only country within the Commonwealth that has not signed a treaty with its First Nation people. Doing so would:

- Finally recognise Indigenous people as our First Nation people within the national constitution 

- Give Indigenous people a symbolic representation of Indigenous sovereignty and prior occupation of the land 

- Better protection of Indigenous rights

- Guidelines for local or regional treaties

- A redefined and restructured relationship between Australia and its Indigenous community 

Saying sorry isn’t enough, posting black squares on Instagram isn’t enough. It’s time to take a step forward and finally recognise the past of our First Nation people, it’s time to give them a stable and sustainable environment within our present society and it’s time to give them the security and peace of mind that they will have a strong and proud future within Australian society. We owe it not only to the First Nation people of today, but to the First Nation people of generations to come, we owe them an environment in which they feel secure, in which they feel valued and in which they feel recognised not only as equal, but as founders of this nations culture, spirit and heart.