Make it illegal to mandate drugs that do not have full approval from the TGA.

Make it illegal to mandate drugs that do not have full approval from the TGA.

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Started by Janet Woodroff

Currently, the covid vaccine has been made mandatory for many employees in Australia. The vaccine is a trial drug therefore, the full impact of this drug is yet to be realised and that could take many years. Already, many people have suffered and continue to suffer significantly as a direct result from taking this vaccine. Some have unfortunately lost their employment because they have become incapacitated and worse, some have lost their lives which is an absolute tragedy. Worldwide statistics have revealed that the total of people who have suffered the adverse affects from this vaccine far outnumbers the total of adverse affects caused by all the other vaccines put together. Some of these have been around for 50+ years. 

The vaccine has only been provisionally approved by the TGA with full approval yet to be given. How long must we endure this travesty? When introduced, we were told by our Prime Minister that it would be a choice. Well we were lied to. How many more people need to suffer or die before action is taken to end this? The Federal Government have the power to put a stop to this and yet nothing is being done. 

Those that realise the truth have refused the mandate and as a consequence, thousands have lost their livelihoods which has directly impacted their loved ones in many more ways than just financially. To me, this is criminal! 

If the vaccine truly worked, then why are cases exploding all over Australia? It truly seems like the vaccinated are not exempt from contracting the virus and worse, are spreading it. The division that has been caused is reprehensible! We, the people, need to take action!

There needs to be a law put in place to prevent this precedent from ever happening again. A law banning the mandating of 'provisional drugs' in particular, needs to be formulated to safeguard people from this ever happening again in the future. 

960 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!