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Federal Government: Make health insurance companies disclose real prices.

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Right now, your health insurance likely has a deductible associated with it - that's the part you pay out of pocket if you see the doctor for anything other than preventative care - the bill you get if you go in for a sprained wrist, sinus infection, MRI, etc. 

The whole point of deductibles was to get people engaged in their care - and it has - but how are we supposed to make decisions when every doctor and hospital has a secret, negotiated set of fees that the insurance carrier agrees to - but we, the insured, don't get to see?

As a direct result, you can't tell if your MRI is going to cost $500 or $1300, and you can't decide ahead of time that you'd like to have the $500 version, thank-you-very much. 

(Imagine going to a grocery store in one neighborhood that sold your favorite soda for $5 a six pack, then realizing that XYZ Soda company agreed to sell it in a different neighborhood for $2.50.  That happens all the time now, however the PRICE TAG allows you to see it and make a decision.  With health care, you don't find out until your card is swiped what your bill for the day will be - and that's not fair!)

Please sign this petition to demand some transparency, so you can make educated decisions about the care you need!

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