Help Defence families affected by the new childcare rebate change

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Whilst the new Childcare rebate system is a welcome change for some, it's the complete opposite for a lot of Defence families .

Currently Defence families are entitled to a small amount of daycare/preschool hours per week, that are subsidised by the government. 

When the new changes come into affect a lot of defence children will no longer be eligible for any subsidy. 

With the new subsidy, unless both parents are working, doing voluntary work or studying, they will receive no child care subsidy whatsoever. 

Being a Defence family can be quite difficult. Even though you are a family, the amount of time spent away for most Defence members equates to more than half the year. For example, in our situation, being the Navy, my children's father is away on average of 9 months of the year. When you have very young children who aren't old enough to go to school, daycare/nanny costs eat up almost the entirety of a wage.

A recent study funded by the government, via DCO, showed a significant impact that defence jobs had on their partners ability to work. 

When young children are separated by a parent for such a long time, DCO themselves strongly recommend that daily routine and access to some form of childcare, to continue.

Not only does this benefit the child, it also benefits the partner left behind.

Defence members families receive NO HELP from the defence force whilst deployed .Only a 24 hour hotline of "councillors".

Defence families already pay a high price with deployed members. It is not fair to make their children suffer.

We are not asking for 5 days a week, or for free childcare. Just the option of a couple of days per week at the current subsidy



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