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Help bring the Australian people together through education

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Living within Australia resides a priceless treasure,  something of which many of us know very little about - or nothing at all.

Something that we deserve to learn about in school as our birthright in this country.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their beautiful, environmentally and socially wise traditional culture.

The world’s oldest living culture.

The brutal, fractured, painful reality of that many Australians see as “Aboriginal” in our country is not a reflection of this culture.

95% of our most socially cohesive, environmentally wise , sustainable history in Australia - is the reflection of this culture that we need to hear, learn and see.

For the longevity and well being of all Australians.

It is scientific law as well as spiritual law that what is happening to one of us is happening to all of us on some level.

Therefore no one is truly privileged in a society where policy induced fear, misinformation and division run riot.

What is the answer? 

Education through being exposed to the Elders themselves.

For all Australian children.

To learn about their beautiful ancient culture - something every Australian can be so profoundly proud of.

Learn about the environmental and social science inherent in this culture - so vital for our planet at this point in history.

Getting to know and understand the beautiful storytelling, the humour, creativity and deep spirituality that weaves throughout this ancient land. 

So many committed, incredible people have tirelessly campaigned for justice, sanity and change for so long - yet the situation is getting progressively worse.

I truly believe that a vast majority of Australians want the rich, ancient history of this country to be maintained and preserved for their children and grandchildren to enjoy.

A future where we can hold our heads high on a global stage, as international visitors pour into our country yearning to experience the precious, unique mysteries of Australia.

A future where ALL Australians live in connection, safety, justice and respect for each other.

Education, connection and understanding is key for forward momentum.

This Dream began with the wishes and wisdom of Aboriginal desert law women..

The Dream continues through YOU.

If you would like to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture taught and experienced through the Elders, within the Australian education curriculum, in all schools across these lands, please sign this petition.

We, as the Australian people, have so much power to create our own society when we come together as One Voice.

One million signatures across Australia - please add yours now.

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