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Double the Minimum Wage With A Cost of Living Guarantee

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The greatest economic obscenity of our times is the phenomenon called the "Working Poor." No one who works full-time should still be poor. By guaranteeing a living wage for all people who work, we wipe out poverty for all working people, and not incidently, reduce the number of people on food stamps by 47%, add billions of dollars to social security and medicare/medicaid annually, increase tax revenues at all levels of government, and add trillions of dollars to the economy. By granting the 90% of working people who have jobs a living wage, we put enough demand into the system to employ the 10% who are not working and achieve full employment. Everyone in the working class with a full time job would then become a member of the middle-class, and the middle class would become universal and permanent -- as a matter of law. 

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