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Compensate the unemployed fairly for the introduction of the carbon tax

From the 20th of March the Clean Energy Supplement will be paid fortnightly to all people on government benefits to compensate for the introduction of carbon tax. However, there are two levels of compensation i.e. one level for pensioners and another level for the unemployed e.g. a single adult pensioner will receive $13.50 per fortnight whilst an unemployed adult single will receive only $8.40 per fortnight. As this payment is compensation for the introduction of the carbon tax which has increased the prices of electricity and food etc for both pensioners and the unemployed at the same rates the compensation should be the same. Whilst, some people may have negative views about the unemployed and these views are often promoted for political gains I for one believe they should be compensated fairly for the introduction of the carbon tax which impacts just as much on them as it does on pensioners. Please sign this petition in support of fairness and justice for the unemployed.

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