Ban alcohol commercials

Ban alcohol commercials

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Nana & Papa Waldrop started this petition to Federal Government

 Just as the government banned cigarette commercials so also should alcohol commercials. I believe they should ban alcohol commercials because children and teens see them, not to mention adults who are fighting alcoholism.....

  Alcohol is a drug and causes more deaths, spousal and child abuse.

Many children and adults worry in fear what will happen day to day with an alcoholic.

Some worry if their family member or friend will be ok that day... others worry what will happen when someone who's been drinking comes home.. It is an addicting substance that is advertised as a fun way to celebrate. Party, and even thank people...

 The limits that they have put on for airing these commercials is not good enough children watch TV More than what they assume. 

Sporting events especially have alcohol ads. Children very often sit with Dad and or mom and other adults to watch. They are being exposed to a dangerous substance that is advertised as fun and happy.

The reality is that alcohol is severely debilitating, whether consumed by an alcoholic or non.

It effects everyone around it. Cigarettes may hurt people smoking them and 2nd hand smoke has some danger, but alcohol has immediate debilitating effects that hurt anyone around the person consuming it.

It alters the person's mind and body to the point of no control of one's self.

Suffer the innocent children at the hands of an alcoholic. Spouses, parents, friends and even strangers can be effected and in danger.

To promote it as fun and party happy is irresponsible! 

People who have an addiction to this awful substance see these commercials and it causes them to stumble!!!! They fight to stay sober while these companies hope they don't. They want them to spend the money, as do bars, taverns, restaurants etc.

It causes mental illness and trickles down generations!

If we can't make it illegal, at least take it out of our grocery stores, and convenient stores! AND OFF OUR TELEVISIONS! Stop pushing it into people's faces! It's a drug!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
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