Additional support for pregnant woman facing substance abuse

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Drug addiction during pregnancy is very dangerous. There is a great need for proper approach, to support pregnant mothers, especially those who face substance abuse.

It is very important to support mothers-to-be as well as the fetus regarding drug addiction and its consequences. Drug abuse can affect the pregnancy as well as the unborn child. Children who are born to women with substance abuse have a greater risk for developmental, behavioral and health problems. Their physical growth may be impaired, and the child may have special needs. The sooner a woman incorporates intervention with substance abuse, the better chance for her baby to be born without complications. 

Studies show that Indigenous women have a shorter life expectancy.  (Sharma, Kolahdooz, Launier, Nader, Yi, Baker, Vallianatos, 2016). Aboriginal people have the highest rates of Substance abuse in Canada (Niccols, Dell, & Clarke, 2009).

The Grow With Me Women's Group is empowering change, to support pregnant women who suffer from substance abuse. We are advocating by bringing awareness to this issue, to educate those who may not be knowledgeable about Substance abuse 




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