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Federal Government: Abolish "civil marriage contract" and replace with "civil union contract"

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Years and years ago, when benefits were granted by the US Government for two individuals binded by law, the United States Government made a mistake of associating a commonly used religious term, "marriage," within Government-dictated contracts.

With high tension, between same sex marriage advocates and traditional marriage advocates- we must unite in a resolution, together, as one nation, and reform our government that had before mistaken the association of a religious term with economic policies.

"Marriage equality" would ultimately infer equality before the Church instead of the implications of equality before law, as America's future aligns with.

Marriage can still exist within the church, as it had before government interference, but the state-regulated contract that binds two individuals together should be called, "a civil union contract."

Those who are able to be unionized by the state are [2] individuals, such as: man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, ambiguous gender bearing individuals, or any combination of the above who wish to enter a binding contract by the state, abide by current age-restrictive laws (ie: statutory rape), and abide by the current systems preventing forms of in-breeding.

The states can then vote/regulate which benefits are granted (with equality) and how much of each- contrasted to competing on who receives what.

This is to assuage the majority of the population, regardless of which side they reside on, in a peaceful manner- as we all can unite together on this standpoint and move forward as a society.

Two individuals benefit one another, the tax payers by creating value, through birthing/adopting children and raising a healthy generation of tax-payers and job-creators, and much more-- contrasted to any single individual.

Let us unite together, whichever side we are on, and reform a mistake that was made a long time ago- let us move forward.

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