Let's make August 1st National Black Freedom Day!

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We want our province and our nation to recognize that systemic racism does exist and has existed since the days of slavery. August 1st is a historic day in the black community’s fight for freedom as it was on this day that Canada achieved emancipation for black slaves in 1834. Let’s declare August 1st the official National Day for Black Freedom Day to mark the beginning of a future without racism. 

Canada’s black community stands 1.2 million strong, and about 90% of us aspire to earn a higher education, while only 60% feel that they can achieve this. We want to officially recognize Our community on this day to show everyone how important they are to the rest of Canada. We want to have the support of our country and our government in Socially and Economically empowering our people. 

Let’s rally together on August 1st and make it the national Black Freedom day! 

“While the date of the First August Monday holiday in Canada is historically linked to the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in 1834, not all of provinces commemorate the holiday as such.”